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This c1896 version has no trim lines in Panel A. It shows in Panel B, a bell ringer with dark slate blue earings and skin and the bell is also dark slate blue. The the inner black frame line stops short of the bell on the left side and only reaches three quarters of the way down the inner left side and does not bend round to meet the left foot or go between the feet. The box around his neck shows a comma and an s after the word May. There are also 3 plumes to the left of London. Panel C shows Bryant & May's in black & Royal Wax Vestas in Red on a yellow background. In Panel D there is a comma and no S after May and London and Wax Vestas are both within scrolls whilst there is a dot after Vestas. In this version the text in the panel is thinner than later versions and the red has an upward shift causing the black text to rest on the edge of the scroll instead of in the middle. Panel E has a printers + located centrally.