280 Hungary  -  Letter R

Roma 1960 XVII. Olimpia  |  Rome 1960 XVII Olympic Games
Version 1 - Red & Grey on White Paper
¦ Hungarian Origin
A series of 18 numbered vertical format matchbox labels in 1/1 size with English & native Hungarian text

c1960 | V  |  No Contents Stated  |  40 f   |  Hungarian Origin  |   Displayed in numerical order
Size: Box 30 x 45 mm  [v]  ¦   Manufacturer unknown but made for Home Market Use
The English title above has been derived from the text already shown on the labels.

SMBL Encyclopaedia Label Identity Tags: ROMA_280_1815130101021 to ROMA_280_1815130101038
Note:  Being that the first  8 numbers of the LIT above remain the same, only the last 5 numbers are displayed below!
ROMA_280_01021 ROMA_280_01022 ROMA_280_01023 ROMA_280_01024 ROMA_280_01025 ROMA_280_01026 ROMA_280_01027 ROMA_280_01028
thn00001.jpg thn00002.jpg thn00003.jpg thn00004.jpg thn00005.jpg thn00006.jpg thn00007.jpg thn00008.jpg
ROMA_280_01029 ROMA_280_01030 ROMA_280_01031 ROMA_280_01032 ROMA_280_01033 ROMA_280_01034
thn00009.jpg thn00010.jpg thn00011.jpg thn00012.jpg thn00013.jpg thn00014.jpg
ROMA_280_01035 ROMA_280_01036 ROMA_280_01037 ROMA_280_01038
thn00015.jpg thn00016.jpg thn00017.jpg thn00018.jpg
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