280 Hungary  -  Letter M

Mosógéphez Tisztaság Mosópor  |  Clean Detergent For Washing Machines
Version 3 - Blue & Orange on Lemon Paper
¦ Hungarian Origin
A set of 5 unnumbered vertical format matchbox labels in 1/1 size with native Hungarian text

c1960's  estimated | V  |  No Contents Stated  |  40 f ill |  MSZ 20310 | B |  Hungarian Origin  |   Displayed in random order
Size: Box 32 x 46 mm [v]  ¦   Manufacturer unknown but made for Home Market Use
As the word MSZ is the only word shown consistently on all labels, it has been used for the title.
The English title above has been derived from translating the Hungarian text shown on the labels.

SMBL Encyclopaedia Label Identity Tags: MSZ_280_13192602611 to MSZ_280_13192602615
Note:  Being that the first  6 numbers of the LIT above remain the same, only the last 5 numbers are displayed below!
MSZ_280_02611 MSZ_280_02612 MSZ_280_02613 MSZ_280_02614 MSZ_280_02615
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