280 Hungary  -  Letter M

Magyar Film  | Az ígéret Földje - Puskák és Galambok - Style 1
Hungarian Film | The Promised Land - Guns & Pigeons - Style 1
7 x sets of 2 unnumbered vertical format matchbox labels in 1/1 size with native Hungarian text.  Translated text from labels is shown above

c1960's estimated  | V |  No Contents Stated  | 40f  |  MSZ  |  Hungarian Origin  |   Displayed in random order
Size: Box 35 x 50 mm overall  [v]   ¦   Manufacturer unknown but made for Home Market Use
As shown below, these labels have been produced in more than one colour combination.

SMBL Encyclopaedia Label Identity Tags [SKU's] are shown in the detail above each set.  However, the first 8 numbers which are the same for all labels are _13010725
Note:  As the first 8 numbers stated above are the same for all labels below, only the last 5 digits are displayed!
MAGY_280_00707 MAGY_280_00708 MAGY_280_00711 MAGYZ_280_00712
MAGY_280_00715 MAGY_280_00716 MAGY_280_00719 MAGY_280_00720
MAGY_280_00723 MAGY_280_00724 MAGY_280_00727 MAGY_280_00728
MAGY_280_00737 MAGY_280_00738
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