280 Hungary  -  Letter G

GYC - Fashion in Time  |  Hungarian Origin
Version 2 - Multicoloured Print with a gold background on Glazed White Paper
An unnumbered vertical format set of 16 matchbox labels in 1/1 size + 1 packet label with Hungarian text.

c1960's  estimated | H & V  |  No Contents Stated  |  No Price  |  Hungarian Origin  |   Displayed in date order
Size: Box 33 x 48 mm [V]  Packet 97 x 55 mm [H] ¦   Manufacturer unknown but made for Home Market Use
Being that GYC is the only text displayed on every label, it is this that has been used to create the Encyclopaedia SKU. 
Additionally, please note that the subject matter has been determined by the images and translation of the Hungarian text

SMBL Encyclopaedia Label Identity Tags: GYC_280_07250301321 to GYC_280_07250301337
Note:  Being that the first  6 numbers of the LIT above remain the same, only the last 5 numbers are displayed below!
GYC_280_01321 GYC_280_01322 GYC_280_01323 GYC_280_01324 GYC_280_01325 GYC_280_01326
thn00001.jpg thn00002.jpg thn00003.jpg thn00004.jpg thn00005.jpg thn00006.jpg
GYC_280_01327 GYC_280_01328 GYC_280_01329 GYC_280_01330 GYC_280_01331 GYC_280_01332
thn00007.jpg thn00008.jpg thn00009.jpg thn00010.jpg thn00011.jpg thn00012.jpg
GYC_280_01333 GYC_280_01334 GYC_280_01335 GYC_280_01336 GYC_280_01337
thn00013.jpg thn00014.jpg thn00015.jpg thn00016.jpg thn00017.jpg
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