390 Netherlands  -  Letter A

AL Wintermode '64 - '65 | Dutch Origin
A numbered vertical series of 20 matchbox labels & 1 packet label.

1st “FASHION SERIES” OF LABELS BY ATTEMA - Wintermode '64 - '65.
Issued in 1964 and numbered 1 to 20, these labels having no contents stated were printed on white paper, .
They are of Dutch origin and their sizes are: Box 31 x 47 mm & Packet 68 x 73 mm.

SMBL Encyclopaedia Label Identity Tags: AL_390_011200101 to AL_390_011200121
Note:  Being that the first  4 numbers of the LIT above remain the same, only the last 5 numbers are displayed below!
AL_390_00101 AL_390_00102 AL_390_00103 AL_390_00104 AL_390_00105 AL_390_00106 AL_390_00107
thn_AL_390_00101.jpg thn_AL_390_00102.jpg thn_AL_390_00103.jpg thn_AL_390_00104.jpg thn_AL_390_00105.jpg thn_AL_390_00106.jpg thn_AL_390_00107.jpg
AL_390_00108 AL_390_00109 AL_390_00110 AL_390_00111 AL_390_00112 AL_390_00113 AL_390_00114
thn_AL_390_00108.jpg thn_AL_390_00109.jpg thn_AL_390_00110.jpg thn_AL_390_00111.jpg thn_AL_390_00112.jpg thn_AL_390_00113.jpg thn_AL_390_00114.jpg
AL_390_00115 AL_390_00116 AL_390_00117 AL_390_00118 AL_390_00119 AL_390_00120 AL_390_00121
thn_AL_390_00115.jpg thn_AL_390_00116.jpg thn_AL_390_00117.jpg thn_AL_390_00118.jpg thn_AL_390_00120.jpg thn_AL_390_00119.jpg thn_AL_390_00121.jpg
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