390 Netherlands  -  Letter A

AH Lucifers | History of Aviation

This is the second series of matchboxes issued by the supermarket group Albert Heijn. This series of 50 box
labels and 2 packet labels was issued as a single release in 1963.  One packet label was
overprinted with 22 cent whilst the other was not.

1963 | M | NCS | Dutch Origin  |  Displayed in numerical order
Their sizes are:  Box Horizontal 50 x 35 mm overall  ¦  Box Vertical 35 x 50 mm overall  ¦  Packet 76 x 66 mm

SMBL Encyclopaedia Label Identity Tags: AHLU_390_0108122101321 to AHLU_390_0108122101372
Note: Being that the first 8 numbers of the LIT above remain the same, only the last 5 numbers are displayed below!
AH_390_01321 AH_390_01322 AH_390_01323 AH_390_01324 AH_390_01325 AH_390_01326 AH_390_01327 AH_390_01328
thn_AH_390_01321.jpg thn_AH_390_01322.jpg thn_AH_390_01323.jpg thn_AH_390_01324.jpg thn_AH_390_01325.jpg thn_AH_390_01326.jpg thn_AH_390_01327.jpg thn_AH_390_01328.jpg
AH_390_01329 AH_390_01330 AH_390_01331 AH_390_01332 AH_390_01333 AH_390_01334 AH_390_01335 AH_390_01336
thn_AH_390_01329.jpg thn_AH_390_01330.jpg thn_AH_390_01331.jpg thn_AH_390_01332.jpg thn_AH_390_01333.jpg thn_AH_390_01334.jpg thn_AH_390_01335.jpg thn_AH_390_01336.jpg
AH_390_01337 AH_390_01338 AH_390_01339 AH_390_01340 AH_390_01341 AH_390_01342 AH_390_01343 AH_390_01344
thn_AH_390_01337.jpg thn_AH_390_01338.jpg thn_AH_390_01339.jpg thn_AH_390_01340.jpg thn_AH_390_01341.jpg thn_AH_390_01342.jpg thn_AH_390_01343.jpg thn_AH_390_01344.jpg
AH_390_01345 AH_390_01346 AH_390_01347 AH_390_01348 AH_390_01349 AH_390_01350 AH_390_01351 AH_390_01352
thn_AH_390_01345.jpg thn_AH_390_01346.jpg thn_AH_390_01347.jpg thn_AH_390_01348.jpg thn_AH_390_01349.jpg thn_AH_390_01350.jpg thn_AH_390_01351.jpg thn_AH_390_01352.jpg
AH_390_01353 AH_390_01354 AH_390_01355 AH_390_01356 AH_390_01357 AH_390_01358 AH_390_01359 AH_390_01360
thn_AH_390_01353.jpg thn_AH_390_01354.jpg thn_AH_390_01355.jpg thn_AH_390_01356.jpg thn_AH_390_01357.jpg thn_AH_390_01358.jpg thn_AH_390_01359.jpg thn_AH_390_01360.jpg
AH_390_01361 AH_390_01362 AH_390_01363 AH_390_01364 AH_390_01365 AH_390_01366 AH_390_01367
thn_AH_390_01361.jpg thn_AH_390_01362.jpg thn_AH_390_01363.jpg thn_AH_390_01364.jpg thn_AH_390_01365.jpg thn_AH_390_01366.jpg thn_AH_390_01367.jpg
AH_390_01368 AH_390_01369 AH_390_01370 AH_390_01371 AH_390_01372
thn_AH_390_01368.jpg thn_AH_390_01369.jpg thn_AH_390_01370.jpg thn_AH_390_01371.jpg thn_ah_390_01372.jpg
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