390 Netherlands  -  Letter A

AH Lucifers | Airline Emblems

This is the first series of matchbox labels issued by the supermarket group Albert Heijn. This series of 50 box
labels and 1 packet label was issued as a single release in 1960 and displays the various airline emblems
around at the time of the issue.  However, many of the airlines shown on these labels have either
amalgamated with other airlines or have ceased operations.

1960 | M | NCS | Dutch Origin  |  Displayed in numerical order
Their sizes are:  Box Horizontal 46 x 31 mm ¦  Box Vertical 31 x 46 mm  ¦  Packet 78 x 66 mm overall

SMBL Encyclopaedia Label Identity Tags: AHLU_390_0108122101101 to AHLU_390_0108122101151
Note:  Being that the first  8 numbers of the LIT above remain the same, only the last 5 numbers are displayed below!
AH_390_01101 AH_390_01102 AH_390_01103 AH_390_01104 AH_390_01105 AH_390_01106 AH_390_01107 AH_390_01108
thn_AH_390_01101.jpg thn_AH_390_01102.jpg thn_AH_390_01103.jpg thn_AH_390_01104.jpg thn_AH_390_01105.jpg thn_AH_390_01106.jpg thn_AH_390_01107.jpg thn_AH_390_01108.jpg
AH_390_01109 AH_390_01110 AH_390_01111 AH_390_01112 AH_390_01113 AH_390_01114 AH_390_01115 AH_390_01116
thn_AH_390_01109.jpg thn_AH_390_01110.jpg thn_AH_390_01111.jpg thn_AH_390_01112.jpg thn_AH_390_01113.jpg thn_AH_390_01114.jpg thn_AH_390_01115.jpg thn_AH_390_01116.jpg
AH_390_01117 AH_390_01118 AH_390_01119 AH_390_01120 AH_390_01121 AH_390_01122 AH_390_01123 AH_390_01124
thn_AH_390_01117.jpg thn_AH_390_01118.jpg thn_AH_390_01119.jpg thn_AH_390_01120.jpg thn_AH_390_01121.jpg thn_AH_390_01122.jpg thn_AH_390_01123.jpg thn_AH_390_01124.jpg
AH_390_01125 AH_390_01126 AH_390_01127 AH_390_01128 AH_390_01129 AH_390_01130 AH_390_01131 AH_390_01132
thn_AH_390_01125.jpg thn_AH_390_01126.jpg thn_AH_390_01127.jpg thn_AH_390_01128.jpg thn_AH_390_01129.jpg thn_AH_390_01130.jpg thn_AH_390_01131.jpg thn_AH_390_01132.jpg
AH_390_01133 AH_390_01134 AH_390_01135 AH_390_01136 AH_390_01137 AH_390_01138 AH_390_01139 AH_390_01140
thn_AH_390_01133.jpg thn_AH_390_01134.jpg thn_AH_390_01135.jpg thn_AH_390_01136.jpg thn_AH_390_01137.jpg thn_AH_390_01138.jpg thn_AH_390_01139.jpg thn_AH_390_01140.jpg
AH_390_01141 AH_390_01142 AH_390_01143 AH_390_01144 AH_390_01145 AH_390_01146
thn_AH_390_01141.jpg thn_AH_390_01142.jpg thn_AH_390_01143.jpg thn_AH_390_01144.jpg thn_AH_390_01145.jpg thn_AH_390_01146.jpg
AH_390_01147 AH_390_01148 AH_390_01149 AH_390_01150 AH_390_01151
thn_AH_390_01147.jpg thn_AH_390_01148.jpg thn_AH_390_01149.jpg thn_AH_390_01150.jpg thn_AH_390_01151.jpg
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