280 Hungary  -  Letter A

Aprilis 4  ¦  April 4  |  MSZ   ¦  40f.  ¦ V1 - Red and Black
This unnumbered horizontal format set of  9 box labels in a 1/1 size is believed to be for the Home Market.
In Red and Black print on a bordered white paper, this set of labels has been issued in more than one colour.

c 1960's | H |  NCS |  40f  |  Of Hungarian Origin  |   Displayed in random order
Size: 45 x 30 mm |  Manufacturer unknown and distributor unknown.

SMBL Encyclopaedia Label Identity Tags: APRI_280_01001 to APRI_280_01009
APRI_280_01001 APRI_280_01002 APRI_280_01003 APRI_280_01004 APRI_280_01005 APRI_280_01006
thn_APRI_280_01001.jpg thn_APRI_280_01002.jpg thn_APRI_280_01003.jpg thn_APRI_280_01004.jpg thn_APRI_280_01005.jpg thn_APRI_280_01006.jpg
APRI_280_01007 APRI_280_01008 APRI_280_01009
thn_APRI_280_01007.jpg thn_APRI_280_01008.jpg thn_APRI_280_01009.jpg
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