238 Finland  -  Letter A

Arthur Cooper Wine Merchant  |  Military Uniforms
A numbered vertical series of 18 matchbox labels of Military Uniforms.

c1979 ¦  V  ¦  Av. 50 Sticks  ¦   No Price  ¦  Of Finnish Origin  ¦   Displayed in numerical order
Size: 35 x 50 mm overall  |  Manufacturer unknown but distributed by:  The Cornish Match Co.

SMBL Encyclopaedia Label Identity Tags: ARTH_238_00301 to ARTH_238_00318 
ARTH_238_00301 ARTH_238_00302 ARTH_238_00303 ARTH_238_00304 ARTH_238_00305 ARTH_238_00306 ARTH_238_00307 ARTH_238_00308 ARTH_238_00309
thn_ARTH_238_00301.jpg thn_ARTH_238_00302.jpg thn_ARTH_238_00303.jpg thn_ARTH_238_00304.jpg thn_ARTH_238_00305.jpg thn_ARTH_238_00306.jpg thn_ARTH_238_00307.jpg thn_ARTH_238_00308.jpg thn_ARTH_238_00309.jpg
ARTH_238_00310 ARTH_238_00311 ARTH_238_00312 ARTH_238_00313 ARTH_238_00314 ARTH_238_00315 ARTH_238_00316 ARTH_238_00317 ARTH_238_00318
thn_ARTH_238_00310.jpg thn_ARTH_238_00311.jpg thn_ARTH_238_00312.jpg thn_ARTH_238_00313.jpg thn_ARTH_238_00314.jpg thn_ARTH_238_00315.jpg thn_ARTH_238_00316.jpg thn_ARTH_238_00317.jpg thn_ARTH_238_00318.jpg
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