238 Finland  -  Letter A

Angling Slim Pocket Size  |  The Cornish Match Co. Ltd.
A numbered horizontal series of 25 matchbox labels of Freshwater Fish.

c1979 | H |  Average 48 Contents  |  3p per box  |  Made in Finland  |   Displayed in numerical order
Size: 50 x 35 mm overall  |  Manufacturer unknown but distributed by:  The Cornish Match Co. Ltd.

SMBL Encyclopaedia Label Identity Tags: ANGL_238_0114071200531 to ANGL_238_0114071200555
Note: Being that the first 8 numbers of the LIT above remain the same, only the last 5 numbers are displayed below!
ANGL_238_00531 ANGL_238_00532 ANGL_238_00533 ANGL_238_00534 ANGL_238_00535 ANGL_238_00536 ANGL_238_00537
thn_ANGL_238_00531  No 1 The Perch.jpg thn_ANGL_238_00532  No 2 The Pomeranian Bream.jpg thn_ANGL_238_00533 No 3 The Char.jpg thn_ANGL_238_00534  No 4 The Chub.jpg thn_ANGL_238_00535  No 5 The Golden Carp.jpg thn_ANGL_238_00536  No 6 The Salmon (female).jpg thn_ANGL_238_00537  No 7 The Leather Carp.jpg
ANGL_238_00538 ANGL_238_00539 ANGL_238_00540 ANGL_238_00541 ANGL_238_00542 ANGL_238_00543 ANGL_238_00544
thn_ANGL_238_00538  No 8 The Eel.jpg thn_ANGL_238_00539  No 1 The Pike.jpg thn_ANGL_238_00540  No 10 The Bream.jpg thn_ANGL_238_00541  No 11 The Grayling.jpg thn_ANGL_238_00542  No 12 The Carp.jpg thn_ANGL_238_00543  No 13 The Bleak.jpg thn_ANGL_238_00544  No 14 The Crucian Carp.jpg
ANGL_238_00545 ANGL_238_00546 ANGL_238_00547 ANGL_238_00548 ANGL_238_00549 ANGL_238_00550
thn_ANGL_238_00545  No 15 The Brown Trout.jpg thn_ANGL_238_00546  No 16 The Rudd.jpg thn_ANGL_238_00547  No 17 The Dace.jpg thn_ANGL_238_00548  No 18 The Bullhead.jpg thn_ANGL_238_00549  No 19 The Mirror Carp.jpg thn_ANGL_238_00550  No 20 The Golden Tench.jpg
ANGL_238_00551 ANGL_238_00552 ANGL_238_00553 ANGL_238_00554 ANGL_238_00555
thn_ANGL_238_00551  No 21 The Barbel.jpg thn_ANGL_238_00552  No 22 The Loch Leven Trout.jpg thn_ANGL_238_00553  No 23 The Tench.jpg thn_ANGL_238_00554  No 24 The Roach.jpg thn_ANGL_238_00555  No 25 The Gudgeon.jpg
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